Workshop: Archival and contemporary images in the narration of a photographic work

SUNDAY 2 OCT & MONDAY 3 OCT 18:00-21:00

Great Club of Kavala, 1st floor

Prompted by Artemis Pyrpylis's photographic book NETTE, in which she experiments with archives, memory and the contemporary image, a two-day workshop will be held by the photographer on the topic of the interaction of archival and contemporary material.

What is an archival image? How much is it affected by context and how does it work outside of it? How do you create a body of work in response or around an archive? How does an archival image function today and how are the past and the present connected in a photographic narration?

Through the study of photographers who work around the photographic archive, the investigation of the position of the archival image in contemporary photography, as well as the experimentation with archival photographs of the participants, an attempt will be made to answer the aforementioned questions.

Participation cost: 60 euros. Limited number of participants.

Expression of interest in the following form: 

Workshop Form

Pirpili Gallery

Artemis PYRPILIS (1987) is a french/greek photographer.
She studied photography in Paris and after having worked as an accredited photographer for several years in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States she decided to return to Greece in 2013.

She has participated in several group exhibitions some of which the C/O Berlin in Germany, at the State Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the Photobiennale in Thessaloniki, Greece and at the Host Gallery in London. She has also exhibited her work in 2 solo exhibitions in Greece. In September 2021, her first photobook “NETTE” was published by the punto e basta editions and presented at the Polka Factory in Paris.

Currently, she lives in Thessaloniki where she teaches at the Stereosis photography school and at the MOMus photography museum of Thessaloniki while at the same time working on personal projects.

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