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I am my city - Photo City Walk

SUNDAY 2 OCT 2022, 11:00

Photo City Walk

Editing/Design: Nikos Zoakis
Coordination: Members of the Kavala Photo Club

Meeting Point: Municipal Garden of Kavala
Sunday 2/10/22, Time: 11:00

In case of rain, the event will be postponed to next Sunday 8/10 at the same time.


The conversation between the urban environment and the citizen is a daily interaction. The quality of life is experienced from the moment we leave the door of our house in the morning and evolves through the joys and difficulties, the beautiful and the ugly, that we encounter in all the routes of our daily life. People, buildings, sidewalks, our neighborhood, our transportation, our commute, our entertainment, make up the puzzle of our lives.
But what is our part and what is the interaction with our city? How does the citizen of Kavala see his city? How are they positioned? Inside it or opposite it?
It is an opportunity to reflect and dwell on the issues that concern the citizens of Kavala... the aesthetics, the safety, the relationship between pedestrians and vehicles, cleanliness, sports facilities, the development of public transport, the city's monuments.
With this event, we invite citizens to stand actively, throughout the photographic process, in the space that surrounds them, to make their relationship with the urban environment in which they live more conscious.
Through a photographic walk in the neighborhoods of the city, with the company and guidance of the members of the Photography Club, they will have the opportunity to hear about photography and its techniques and then depict elements of their relationship with their region, to create a modern portrait of it, or simply to stop for a while at what they walk past every day and take a look at it.
So grab your cell phone or your camera and follow us!
This action is the curator's participation in the Tale of X cities workshop for the year 2022.


Nikos Zoakis was born in 1972 in the city of Komotini. He first got involved with photography during his studies and has never ceased to be fascinated by it.
He travels to Northern Greece and photographs everything he likes, everything he considers important. He has a particular interest in landscape photography, where, using elements of intense symbolism in his frames, he captures and describes an area that for centuries has been a crossroads of people and cultures.
He has participated in many group photography exhibitions in Northern Greece and Athens. He is actively involved in the Tale of X Cities activities, an initiative of the Common Lab of the Goethe-Institut.
He is interested in the creation of works of art, based on the participation of citizens, in actions and initiatives that, through art, can open a fruitful dialogue with society.
Awareness, participation and coexistence of people, public space and aesthetics are central axes of each of his ideas.


Article photo © Ντήμος Δημήτρης

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