Youth on hold – Presentation of Miranda Papadopoulou's photographic work

Great Club of Kavala, 1st floor

Youth on hold

Moments that decisively change our lives with the passing of time. Where the camera captures our memories, dreams and losses in an instant.
A house encapsulates, in a scenery of pop decay, lost innocence, tired young bodies and looks of despair.
Pandemic conditions. Conditions of a painful present and an uncertain future.
My gaze peers through a window, almost indiscernibly, into their boring everyday life.
Memories of my own childhood return, revealing these girls who, unlike me -free from the necessities of the "good child"- experience the absolute freedom inside a small apartment...

Miranda Papadopoulou was born in 1970 in Dortmund, Germany, where she remained until 1980. She then moved to Thessaloniki, where she lives to this day. Her involvement with photography started by accident in 2014, when she decided to start, a page with cooking recipes, and bought a camera for this purpose. She soon discovered her passion for photography and began to approach subjects outside of food, expanding her subject matter. In 2015, she started seminars with Tasos Schizas and then courses at Stereosis from 2018 until today. During the last year she has participated in photography seminars with Stratos Kalafatis. She has collaborated as a photographer with clothing companies, restaurants and wineries, but her engagement with photography remains primarily a means of artistic expression.

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