Smyrna 1919-1920: unsung heroes and unseen people in paintings, diaries and photographs. A lecture by Kostas Ioannidis.

Saturday 1 st of Oct. 19:30
Great Club of Kavala, 1 st floor

Kostas Ioannidis is Assistant Professor of Art Theory and Criticism at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

His essays have appeared in scholarly volumes and journals. His publications include the books: Contemporary Greek Photography (futura, 2008), Three at Sea (MIET, 2018) a book he co-authored with Emmanouela Kantzia and An “exquisitely hybrid art”: Poetics of Photography in the late 19th and early 20th century (futura, 2019) for which he was awarded the Greek State Award (category: essay).

Over the past three years he has been conducting research on a body of photographs of almost 2,000 Muslim prisoners held in the Smyrna Central Prison (1919-1922), a research he continued as a Fellow of the Clark Art Institute (USA) in summer 2021.


Kostas Ioannidis is a founding member of The Provinces (, a platform that collects and promotes photographic projects that deal with the Greek periphery.

She is also a founding member of,  ενός πειραματικού – ερευνητικού χώρου για τη φωτογραφία ως τέχνη και τη θεωρία της.

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