NETTE - By Artemis Pyrpilis
Book Presentation

Tuesday 4 OCT 20.00
Great Club of Kavala, 1st floor

NETTE is an intimate book, a journey into the past.

In 2019, Artemis Pyrpilis went for the first time to the house where her grandmother was born and spent her child- hood, in Toulon, 7 years after her passing. Time stood still. Among the photos in the drawers, the objects scattered in the closets, Artemis Pyrpilis discovers the young girl her grandmother was in the 1940’s and her nickname Nette.

Nette was a happy young woman, a free spirit, she smoked cigarettes, did gymnastics and had fun with her friends.

This book is like a herbarium on which are pinned the dreams, carefreeness and freedom of a youth trapped in boxes in a house full of objects. Objects full of memories of her, who continue their “life” despite her absence. Artemis Pyrpilis takes a new look at objects, reinterprets archival photos, gets closer to materials and reveals textures.

NETTE is a discreet and silent book that addresses issues of identity and intimacy through the reconstruction of a family story.

Pirpili Gallery

Artemis PYRPILIS (1987) is a french/greek photographer.
She studied photography in Paris and after having worked as an accredited photographer for several years in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States she decided to return to Greece in 2013.

She has participated in several group exhibitions some of which the C/O Berlin in Germany, at the State Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the Photobiennale in Thessaloniki, Greece and at the Host Gallery in London. She has also exhibited her work in 2 solo exhibitions in Greece. In September 2021, her first photobook “NETTE” was published by the punto e basta editions and presented at the Polka Factory in Paris.

Currently, she lives in Thessaloniki where she teaches at the Stereosis photography school and at the MOMus photography museum of Thessaloniki while at the same time working on personal projects.


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