Presentation of the Nomadic Library

Friday 7th Oct 19:00
Municipal Library reading room

As part of the events of the Photographic Week/Kavala Photo Week 2022, the Photography Club presents the Nomadic Library of the Mediterranean Photography Festival/MedPhoto Festival. The Nomadic Library is a collection/library of photo books from around the world.

The collection consists of classic works that have played a decisive role in the history of photography and of works that depict the use of the medium today in a special way and reflect a wide range of contemporary artistic pursuits as well as trends in the field of the book, on an aesthetic and technical level . Books that come either from international and domestic publishing organizations or are self-published by artists.

Aimed at the photographic/artistic education of the public, the training of photographers, students and anyone interested, the collection has a nomadic and interactive character. It travels, lends, presents its books online through respective platforms, is constantly enriched and is an occasion for seminars and workshops. It is granted successively to public/municipal libraries of cities throughout Greece, but also to organizations that wish to cooperate such as educational institutions or book festivals, so that the public can come into contact with photographic publications and the work of important creators. 

We invite you to get to know this important collection and to browse through it with us in the reading room of the Municipal Library of Kavala on Friday 9/10 at 19.00. It is important to note that the event is always done with respect for the books.

An event co-organized with the Medphoto Festival and Municipal Library of Kavala

More information about the Nomadic library can be found at

** The collection will be in the Municipal Library of Kavala during the months of October and November 2022

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