1st-10th October 2022...

2nd Kavala Photo Week

For the 2nd year in a row, the Photography Club of Kavala is organizing a week of events dedicated to Art Photography, events that aim to create a meeting point for creators, scholars, artists and the public and thus promote our artistic education and our contact with the Art of Photography and Visual Culture. The events will take place during October 1-9-2022 at the Great Club of Kavala.

This year we are pleased to present, Photography exhibitions, lectures by distinguished speakers, photography walks open to the public, presentations of photographic work by emerging artists, creative workshops and also the Medphoto Festival Nomadic Library, a library of important Photography books from around the world, which will be hosted at the Kavala Municipal Library and will be available to the public for 2 months.

Feel welcome and join us to Kavala Photo Week 2022 events, which will give you the chance to meet the action of FOK and the world of Photography.

A few words about last year

1st Kavala Photo Week

In August 2021, the Kavala Photo Club organized the 1st Photography Festival in the city, titled "PHOTO WEEK". It was co-organized by the Municipality of Kavala as well as the Cosmopolis festival and was sponsored by the Hellenic Ministry of Sports and Culture. The festival attracted a wide audience and received a lot of publicity, marking the arrival of a new cultural institution in the city.

For this festival, the Kavala Photo Club had the cooperation and assistance of the School of Film of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the International Organization for Migration.


Great Club of Kavala
Kiprou 12-14

It was founded in 1910 by the Philoptochos Adelfotis Kyrion Kavalas (a women’s charity for the poor) in order to house the Club for the Greek Community of Kavala. From an architectural perspective, the Great Club of Kavala is one of the most exceptional examples of Austrian baroque in Europe and some believe that it imitates part of the Vienna Concert Hall (Musikverein).

The building has been renovated by the Municipality of Kavala, promoting its architectural virtues and adapting it to cultural uses.

few words...

Kavala Photo Club

Kavala Photo Club was founded in 1982 by a group of amateur photographers from the city of Kavala and has since been operating continuously until today. Its purpose is to promote fine-art photography through an annual and regular series of seminars, lectures, screenings and an updated library.

Pursuing extroversion, the Kavala Photo Club seeks to host important Greek and foreign photographers, to cooperate with other photography clubs and organizations that promote photography. It supports and promotes the work of its members by organizing exhibitions, participating in photography festivals and utilizing print and electronic media.

Since 1986, it has been designing and implementing fine-art photography seminars for beginners and advanced students, with the most important activity being the introductory seminar in fine-art photography. The seminar was established in 1986 and is held every year. It is eight months long and takes place from October to May. The design and teaching are undertaken by volunteer members of the Photography Club. The curriculum includes a module on technical aspects and a module that serves as an introduction to the principles of fine-art photography.

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